Tired Iron Antique Tractor Club of IL.

 Tired Iron Antique Tractor Pulling Assoc.

Est.  1996

Sponsoring 2013    Antique Tractor Pulls


at American Legion Grounds - Jerseyville, IL

1.  Saftey equipment recommended in Div. I classes.  Required in Div. II & III classes.  (Kill switch, Fire ext. & wheelie bars)  No riders on back of tractors.  Fans must be shrouded.

2.  No One allowed on track except officials and puller.

3.  Driver must be seated at all times in forward normal upright postion.  (No bouncing, swaying or excessive leaningover the back of the seat.)  Must keep one hand on steering wheel except when operating controls.

4.  Weights must be stationary and safely secured to the tractor  ( No weights chained to seat.)  No ballast shall extend more than 11 foot from center of rear wheel out front of the tractor. 

5.  If anything should fall from the tractor while hooked to sled, measurement will be taken from that distance.

6.  Disregard or arguing with flagman or sled operator will be automatic Disqualification.

7.  STOP Immediately on RED Flag.

8.  Protest Driver must be in class.  A Protest fee of $20.00 to be put up by both drivers before protest acted upon.  Protest must be made before next class starts.

9.  The drawbar must have a 3" eye and at least 1" by 1" at hook point.  No longer than 1 1/2" from eye to back end of drawbar.  Must be secured in all directions and be 18" from center of rear wheel and 18" high in Div. I,  20" high in Div. II & III.

10. A tractor may hook one time per class,  in as many classes as sanctioned for.

11. Tractor manufacturer model year 1957 of before in Div. I.   1959 or before in Div. II,  III,  & Iv..

12. NO Radial tires allowed.  Check Division limits for tire allowance.

13.  Positive Throttle Stop Mandatory.

14.  NO ALCOHOL OR NITRO FUEL.  No shift of TA.  No locking rear ends.  No altered wheel bases or or frames to make classes.  No headers.

15. No V-8's allowed.



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